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ProCeres enriches raw materials and processes residual flows from the food industry to create premium ingredients for the pet food sector. The result? More efficient, more sustainable feed production and better quality of life for animals!

  • Optimum digestibility to ensure healthy pets
  • Certified, custom solutions
  • Innovation and circularity – our ‘green thread’

Reduce your carbon footprint

Sustainable production is an important principle at ProCeres. To minimise our ecological footprint, we ideally source our raw materials as sustainably and as locally as possible. One of our most recent innovations is our circular product range – a first for the sector!

Interested to find out what impact you could have on CO2 emissions by replacing your existing ingredients with our circular products? With our online calculator you can work this out in the blink of an eye.

To CO2-calculator

Become a leader too and reduce your carbon footprint! By producing pet food from circular ingredients, you can quickly have an impact and make a significant contribution. Work it out and see for yourself.

Our premium products

Potato products

Circular, premium potato products.

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Gelatinized grains

Starch-rich. Stimulate feed intake.

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Plant-based proteins

Sustainable, high-quality protein sources.

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Energy sources

Energy-rich, easily digestible ingredients.

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Premium ingredients, better for the planet!

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