Innovative power - our 'green thread' 

Waste does not exist in a circular economy. For us, side streams from the production processes of the food processing industry are raw materials for valuable animal feed. By giving so-called former foodstuffs a valuable purpose, we jointly reduce the CO₂ footprint of the food companies. Furthermore, we are the first party worldwide to launch the first circular line of pet food ingredients. One big step!

Sustainable production
In addition to circularity, sustainable production is an important principle at ProCeres, where we fully focus on innovation and collaboration. Our production locations are situated centrally within the areas of supply to keep transport routes as short as possible. The ProCeres production site is also next to a major waterway, allowing us to carry out a large proportion of our transport by water. Every day we strive for a more effective production method. The results are impressive: more vital pets with a high quality of life!

Value for money
We try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That means we ideally buy our raw materials as sustainably and as locally as possible. Thanks to long-standing partnerships with exclusive suppliers and the smart choices we make when it comes to locations and production techniques, we can offer premium pet-food ingredients with excellent value for money.