Quality & Certification

Dogs and cats have a short digestive tract, which means undigested food can quickly lead to intestinal problems and loose stools. With its range of easily digestible products, ProCeres therefore offers a solution to promote good intestinal health. Whether grain-free ingredients or extruded product ranges: all our pet-food ingredients meet the most rigorous quality criteria.

Hygiene and safety first
From hygiene standards to (food) safety and our environmental management system, safety comes first in everything we do. Our ingredients are produced in ultra-modern production facilities, all of which comply with the GMP+ FSA and ISO 14001 standards. After all, production, safety and quality go hand in hand!

100% transparency
With optimum quality management in mind, we guarantee a fully transparent production process. Traceability is not a request, but a matter of course. To make sure our end products are of the highest quality, we keep monitoring and analysing our raw materials from harvest to delivery.