Premium pet food ingredients

ProCeres enriches raw materials and processes residual streams from the food industry to create high-quality, innovative ingredients for the pet-food sector. In this way we help to make food production more efficient and sustainable and enhance pets’ quality of life.

Outstanding digestibility
That is why here at ProCeres our motto is ‘premium pet-food ingredients for lifelong vitality’. As our pet-food ingredients offer outstanding digestibility, dogs and cats not only benefit from better growth, but are healthier and more resistant to illness too. A win-win!

Maximum customer satisfaction
ProCeres aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. And we prefer not to leave anything to chance. Where we identify room for improvement, we act straight away. From custom transport solutions through to assistance with marketing and communication materials, with our premium pet-food ingredients and rock-solid partnerships we are convinced that we make the difference.

A varied and unique range of foods
Every dog or cat has its own nutritional needs. To ensure these are met, we have put together a varied and unique range. We are the specialist in ingredients for both cold-pressed and extruded pet food but are also renowned for our high-quality grain-free and hypoallergenic products. Not to mention our outstanding custom dietetic-food solutions.

Strong in tailor-made solutions
We can offer a tailor-made solution for every ingredient-related need. If you would prefer a personalised mix, we will be happy to help you come up with one. Based on the desired composition and an analysis of the nutritional needs, we will select the best ingredients and ensure you receive an appropriate custom product.