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Dogs and cats have a short digestive tract, which means undigested food can quickly lead to intestinal problems and loose stools. With its range of easily digestible products, ProCeres therefore offers a solution to promote good intestinal health. From grain-free ingredients through to our extruded product range, all our pet-food ingredients meet the most rigorous quality criteria.

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We can offer a custom solution for every ingredient-related need. If you would prefer a custom mix, we will be happy to help you come up with one. Based on the desired composition and an analysis of the nutritional needs, we will select the best ingredients and ensure you receive an appropriate custom product. Whatever your need, our technical specialists will be happy to help. Get in touch and see for yourself!


Sustainable production is an important principle at ProCeres. We try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That means we ideally buy our raw materials as sustainably and as locally as possible. Our production locations are situated centrally within the areas they supply to keep transport routes as short as possible. The ProCeres site is also next to a major waterway, allowing us to carry out a large proportion of our transport by water.


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Potato products


Dried vegetables

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